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Default Kaylynn - Cum 1n The [email protected]€ #2

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Kaylynn - Cum 1n The [email protected]€ #2



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Interracialed Backdoors - Kaylynn

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Kaylynn - My Wife's 1st Monster Cock #12 (120mb)

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Default Kaylynn interview

Hi All,

Here is a very good Kaylynn Interview from Jan 2002, conducted by Roger T. Pipe.

Here we are with the lovely Kaylynn.

Yes lovely, Blahhhhhhh (She sticks her tongue out.) There is no camera on me, so I can do this.

You know, that is very distracting.

How old are you Rog?

How old do you think I am?

Around 32.

How old did you think I was before you met me? When we just exchanged emails?

Like 18.

You read my site and thought I was eighteen?

I’m kidding. You’re just young at heart. I would say I figured you were around 26.

So I’m older than you thought.

How old are you?

I’m 34.

So I was right.

You were close.

Yes I was. This is a fun interview by the way.

It’s fun for me. Can I ask a question now?

Sure, go ahead.

How do you spell your name?

Thank you for asking me that. K-A-Y-L-Y-N-N

You know it’s spelled differently on every box you’ve been in.

I know.

For the record, two Y’s.

Yes, now get it right from now on.

Just one name, like Madonna.

Like Madonna.

But younger and brunette all the time, with no English accent.

I can try if you want.

You’re fine. Where are you from?

That question confuses me? Do you mean where was I born or where am I from?

Where were you born?

I was born in Birmingham, Alabama.

Did you grow up there?


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

What were you like growing up?

Pretty much the same way I am now.

So outgoing, fun and sexy?

Not outgoing and I wasn’t popular in school. I had a chance to be popular. You know how you have that turning point in your life when you could be popular? Well I gave it up to hang out with people who were a lot nicer.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Why not?

If I had a chance to be popular, do you think I would have become a porn critic?

Well you get to hang out with hot girls now.

That’s true. Thank God for the high school class system. You would have been popular if you wore what you’re wearing today.

No, I was ugly.

You were never ugly.

Trust me, I didn’t have what I have now, I didn’t have a spark. I never wanted to take the time to be pretty. I was a tomboy, I was over sexual, and I was a slut.

That sounds popular to me.

I was called a slut a lot near the end of school actually.

Were you a slut or was it just vicious gossip?

I was a slut.

When did you start having sex?

I started when I was 14.

With a guy your age?


How was that?

Fast. I barely remember it.

Was it his first time as well?

Yes it was.

Do you still talk to him?

No, he cheated on me. I caught him at the roller rink with some other girl so fuck her and him.

Does he know now that you’re a porn star?

No, but I wouldn’t go back and rub it in his face anyway, who cares?

Do you think the people you went to school with would be surprised to find out what you do?

Yeah I do. I went to so many different schools though. It’s not like I was at one long enough for people to really say, wow I knew her. My parents moved all the time.

There is a connection here. Military brats and kids who move around a lot, end up in porn.

Really? I wasn’t a military brat, but I did move. And I was a brat.

How old are you now?


You aren’t giving me anything are you?

I’m (She mumbles an age.)

Really? How old do you tell people you are?


And that works?

Yep, I lie. I’m a liar.

When did you get started in the business?

When I was twenty.

So four years ago.

Shhhh, you’re giving it away.

What did you do before porn?

All kinds of stuff. I watched this really cool movie with John Candy where he was a security guard. I decided I wanted to be a security guard so I went down and like three days later I was a security guard. It was so funny. I froze my ass off so I quit that job. I was a cashier, a bagger I had a million jobs.

Were they all normal jobs?

I tried stripping for five months and that was it. I have no rhythm. I was worse than a robot.

So you went from regular girl to porn chick. Did you do stills first or did you go right into video?

I went right into video. I replied to an ad, thinking it was regular modeling. Jim South sat me down and there were pictures on the wall of all these women with their titties hanging out. That should have caught my attention. I’m sitting on the couch and this woman with really big boobies sat down next to me, they were huge. This other guy sat down on the other side of me and he was looking at pictures of naked girls. I was totally appalled by this and finally looked at the wall. It’s covered with all these naked women. I stood up and tried to walk out the door but Jim caught me. He bought me back in and I decided to start doing still shoots. I had a boyfriend at the time.

He didn’t want you doing videos?

He didn’t know. I ended up going to do a Dirty Debutantes movie the next day.

With Ed Powers?

Ed and Jake Steed.

Was working with Ed disgusting?

It was Ed.

Did he make you feel comfortable?

No, he was yelling.

Were you nervous?

I was kind of nervous. Sex has never been a weird thing to me.

But he yelled at you?

Not at me. He was yelling at Jake for fucking up with the camera. That made me really uncomfortable. I was naked and here is this guy yelling and he’s naked too.

Naked yelling guy is not a good thing.

Not a good thing at all. It was horrible.

Is Ed the kind of guy that you were into?

He was sweet.

But not your type?

No, not at all.

He is also not really big?

No, but he was a good start for me. I asked for someone small. I had enough sense to do that. They still sent me a horse and Jake just plowed his way through. That man is huge.

Did he do the blindfolded surprise thing with you?

No, he just brought him right in.

Was that the biggest one you had seen?

Yeah, if you watch the movie you will see my reaction and it’s real.

Was that a good scene, or was he a little too much, too soon?

It was a little too much too soon after Ed.

When you were done with those scenes, did you know you were going to do more?

Yeah, I stuck around and took pictures for him. All of the pictures on that box that are not of me were taken by me.

So it wasn’t too bad?

No, it wasn’t bad. I was happy to be done, but it wasn’t bad.

About how many movies have you made?

A little over two hundred.

That’s not that many for four years.

No, I think it’s a good amount.

You have a good group of fans, but you’re not really well known considering the great work you’ve done.

I have my fans and that is enough. Even one loyal fan really is all I could ask for. That means more to me than having a long line of people who are just there because of the line.

What would be some of your best movies?

You can check out Dirty Debutantes 86 which was my first video.

But I don’t like Ed’s movie.

But Rog, it’s me when I first got in. It’s the most real reaction you will ever see. I’m real now, but I was real and in awe back then. I did one for Anabolic, Nasty Girls. We shot on my birthday with Bella and a beautiful blonde girl. I loved that.

Is that the only time you’ve worked for Anabolic?

I only work with condoms, so they can’t use me.

Has that been a firm policy from day one?

Yes. I have done a few with that liquid condom, but that was lame.

Do you think that’s part of the reason you aren’t as well known with some raincoaters as you should be?

I’m sure it is, but I am going to change things up this year. I am going to do some non-condom stuff for a certain company.

With me?

Hey, you never know.

It’s OK, I can work with a condom for you.

That’s better than most guys these days.

Any guy who can’t work with you wearing three condoms has a problem.

Thank you.

Have you run into any resistance to the fact that you work with condoms only?

Yes. People try to talk me out of it, but I have reasons and I stick to my guns. When everyone else is biting their nails and wondering who has gonorrhea, I don’t have to worry.

Do you think that industry does enough to keep talent informed and safe in regards to STDs?

I believe so, yes. We should all get full panels at least every three months because people have stuff and need the money bad enough to keep working. It sucks, but it’s reality. AIM does all they can, but it’s the talent that has to do their part to be smart.

Do you do a lot of feature work or is it mostly just sex stuff?

I do a lot of feature work for Wicked.

Do you like the acting part of it?

I like acting, it’s fun. Every once in a while I want to do a feature because it’s a change.

Do you watch your own stuff?

Yes, I get a copy of all of my movies and I have a really nice collection.

Which one do you think has your best acting performance?

I really haven’t had a chance to do a lot of actual acting.

So you’re the girl in the feature that has one line of dialog?

Yeah, but I get the best sex scenes.

You’re the girl they hire to make up for the lame sex given to us by the contract girls.

You said it not me. I always say that I’m the girl they hire then the original girl they hired flakes. You wouldn’t believe how many girls flake.

You are the designated jerk-off girl.

Thank you, I think.

It’s a good thing. In a feature, there are all these lame scenes, but they usually hire one hot girl to come in and give us a scene we can actually jerk off to. You’re that girl.

In that case, thank you. I try to make it nasty. Some people think you can’t get a good scene with a condom, but I think I can do it.

You’re proof that it can done. You can give a better performance because you feel safe and don’t have to wonder, what’s that thing on his dick.

Oh my God, that’s disgusting.

But it happens. You are relaxed and always give a great scene.

I hope so, but I’m a hypocrite.

You don’t like watching scenes with condoms do you?

No, I don’t.

You said you did a three way girl scene, have you done more than one guy at a time?

I do not do more than one guy at a time. Not yet anyway, maybe I will step up to that this year.

So you’ve never had two guys at the same time?

I didn’t say that. I have on two occasions, but it wasn’t as intense. It didn’t go as I wanted it to.

Who are your favorite guys to work with?

I like Lee Stone. A lot of people complain because he’s kind of crooked, but it works for me. Most girls like it to bend up, I like it to bend down.

So anyone listening who wants to impress Kaylynn should tie weights to the end of his dick right now.

That’s right. I like Evan Stone. He’s very profession. I have to say Pat Myne, he is really sweet. I haven’t worked with Mark Davis yet, but I really want to. We did pictures together, but that’s nothing. I like Brad Armstrong and Jonathan Morgan. Jonathan is very cool, he took me to Hawaii.

What about girls?

I like Jenna Haze.

She is hot.

Ask Jenna about the puppies.

The puppies?

It’s an inside joke, ask her. I love working with Keri Windsor. I’m so bad with names, but I haven’t had a bad scene with a girl yet.

What about a wish list of people to work with?

Mark Davis is the only guy I can think with. And any girl out there who isn’t stinky.

You don’t like stinky?


Is Jenna Haze stinky?

Hell no.

That is the rumor on the internet?

Really? Someone wrote that? No. Well, maybe her feet, but not her pussy. Is that really a rumor, those web guys man.

They suck.

They really do.

Speaking of web sites, do you have one to send us to?

Yes, (link removed - AEKara)

And what is there?

Just a page there right now, but I’m working on a site. It will be me having fun with friends, myself and all of that. I am going to take pictures of what I like and what makes me feel good.

You said that Lee Stone was perfect for anal.

Lee is good for anal, but Erik Everhard is perfect for anal.

Well, Lee is a big guy. You don’t look like you could handle a big dick.

But I can, in my ass more so than in my pussy.

Why do you think that is?

I don’t know, it’s just always been that way.

Had you tried anal sex before the business?

I tried it once, but the guy was not very good.

Who was your first anal scene with?

I don’t remember. That’s terrible, you would think I would remember.

(Kaylynn points to a banana on the table in front of us.)

Are you going to eat this?

It’s not mine.[/I]

Then you won’t mind if I eat it?

Not as long as you let me take pictures while you do.

Go right ahead.

You’re here at the Pandora Cinema booth. Why are you at this booth?

I did I really hot scene for them with Keri Windsor.

(Rog loses all ability to ask questions as Kaylynn begins to eat the banana.)

Now I know where I know you from.

Are you going to take pictures?

I guess I better before you take a bite of that thing.

(After a lengthy photo break, Rog tries to recover.)

You’re very active on the web and in newsgroups. How have you managed to do that for so long. The troublemakers usually run people off.

Everyone has been really cool so far. I am very respectful and try to be cool to people. I love to have fun and talk to people who like to have fun. I leave the other stuff to other people.

Do you read reviews of your work?

Yes I do.

Have you ever read anything really bad?

Once, someone wrote that I was on my way out, but he turned around and said something good.

Who said that?

Patrick Riley. He said that my shelf life was running out.

Well, you’ve only got a six week window if you’re lucky with him.

He was very mean, but then turned around and said something nice.

Is that the worst thing you have read?

That and someone said that I stole my name.

Have you ever read anything really complimentary about yourself?

Yes, it was from another girl in the business. She did her first girl/girl scene with me and she raved about it. Oh, I suck at names, don’t ask me who she was.

OK, but that really makes it tough on me. Fear not, I shall make you look brilliant.

What’s the payback for that?

I don’t know, I should have a new rule. Any time anyone can’t think of a name, they have to suck my dick for five minutes.

If that was the rule I would have been doing it.

I’ve seen you suck dick. There is no way you would have gotten through give minutes.

You like the way I suck dick?

Yes I do.

Do you like blowjobs?

What guy doesn’t like blowjobs?

I met this guy once, Jeremy Steele, he doesn’t like blowjobs.

That just leaves more for the rest of us. Do you like blowjobs?

I love them, I love giving them.

You look great giving them and have the eye contact thing going for you. Have you seen your blowjob scenes?

They are my favorite things. They look yummy.

You are also a tremendous tease.

I’m up for an award for best tease performance.

(Kaylynn gives a demonstration of teasing and blowjobs on what is left of the banana causing Rog to use his notebook as a lap cover.)

What are you doing?


I want to see.


Come on, let me see.

Ignore the man behind the curtain. I’m trying to be professional.

Is it professional to get a big hard on in the middle of an interview?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Back to your blowjobs. How much can you deep throat?

I can’t. It’s all about eye contact and other things. Let the other girls choke on it. Every now and then I will try when I feel like it.

You have done a number of interracial scenes, have you had any negative feedback from those?

No, I love it. I don’t see black and white. Although I prefer to do blowjobs with black guys.


Because they are bigger.

Who is the biggest guy you’ve had?


(Kaylynn takes a few moments to sign a few pictures and box covers for a fan.)

That was a Rodney Moore tape you just signed. Did you like working with him?

I did. He is great. He has a really big following and I would rather do oral stuff for him than anyone else. He loves it, he shoots good oral and people love to watch it. I get the most and best fan feedback from his stuff. I’m not a Rodney girl necessarily, but I’ve had a great time with him.

What else can we say about blowjobs?

I like them wet.

When did you discover that you were really good at them?

I don’t know. I had a boyfriend who just told me I was really good at it. I haven’t changed anything, it’s always been like this.

Are you a very sexual person off screen as well?

I’m very sexual yes, but I have a normal life to live. I have great sex, but also do normal things.

So if the urge struck you to just randomly fuck some porn critic, that could happen.

Yeah Rog, that could happen.

Other than best tease, are you up for any other AVN awards?

I’m up for best masturbation scene and a girl/girl thing. I’m up for the little things, but they are thinking of me. Not to be modest, but just being nominated means I’ve already won.

Have you been up for the big ones? Best Starlet or Performer of the Year.


Then they are missing the boat.

No, I don’t really mind.

Not even a best blowjob scene? Don’t you think you should be up for that?

I’d like to think so, but they can kick themselves in the ass later for missing it.

Before I go, we have to talk about those natural breasts you have. Are they staying that way?

They are staying that way yes. I am not getting them done no matter how many times people ask. Maybe a nose job, but not my boobs.

I’d like to request for the record that you not touch the nose or the boobs.

Fine, no nose job, just don’t talk to me about my nose.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans in closing?

To the fans? You guys are great. I’ll keep making movies, you guys keep jerking off. I love you.
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131. Toe Talk (2001) (V) (as Kaylynn Calloway)
132. Sole Sisters (2001) (V) (as Kaylynn Calloway)
133. You Know Too Much (2001) (V) (as Kaylynn Calloway)
134. Service Animals 4 (2001) (V)
... aka Anal Service 4 (UK)
... aka Joey Silvera's Service Animals 4: State of the Art Service (USA: complete title)
135. The Morgan Sex Project 5 (2001) (V)
136. Tickle Party: Volume 2 (2001) (V) (as Kaylynn Calloway)
137. The Violation of Kate Frost (2001) (V)
138. Dirty Young Girls (2001) (V)
139. Morgan Sex Project 6 (2001) (V)
140. Live Bait 5 (2001) (V)
141. Exotics-USA.com (2001) (V)
142. Violation of Kiki Daire (2001) (V)
143. Accidental Starlet (2001) (V)
144. To Steal a Kiss (2001) (V) (as KayLynn) .... Mystery Girl
145. The Gate (2001) (V) .... Hooker
146. Screw My Husband Please! (2001) (V)
147. Girls Who Like It in the Doo-Doo Hole (2001) (V)
148. Goo Girls (2001) (V)
149. No Man's Land: Latin Edition 2 (2001) (V)
150. To Completion (2001) (V)
151. Buttslammers 21 (2001) (V)
152. Riding the Rails (2000) (V)
153. Just 18 #6: The Lolita Syndrome (2000) (V)
154. A Girl's Affair 46 (2000) (V)
155. Inside Porn (2000) (V) .... Firsttime Anal
156. I Dream of Farrah (2000) (V)
157. Deceptive Desire (2000) (V)
... aka Deceptive Desire (USA: TV title)
158. 2'fers (2000) (V)
159. A Girl's Affair 42 (2000) (V)
160. Only the A-hole #18 (2000) (V)
161. More Dirty Debutantes 154 (2000) (V)
162. California Cocksuckers 19 (2000) (V)
... aka Naughtia, We Caught Ya! (USA: alternative title)
163. Fuck 'em All 3 (2000) (V)
164. No Man's Land: Interracial Edition Volume 5 (2000) (V)
165. The Collector (2000) (V)
166. Personal Trainer Sluts (2000) (V)
167. Freshman Fantasies 27 (2000) (V)
168. California Cocksuckers 17 (2000) (V)
169. Virgin Stories 10 (2000) (V)
170. Forbidden Farrah (2000) (V)
171. Creme de la Face 43 (2000) (V)
172. Super Quick (2000) (V) .... Scientist
173. Her Secret Life (2000) (V)
174. Asia Is in Too Deep (2000) (V) .... Porn starlet #3
... aka Wesley Emerson's Asia Is in Too Deep (USA: alternative title)
175. No Man's Land 30 (2000) (V) .... Jogging Housewife #2
176. Fucking Up That Ass 3 (2000) (V)
177. Creme de la Face 47: Getting It Good and Gooed (2000) (V)
178. Submissive Little Sluts 4 (2000) (V)
179. Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 29 (2000) (V)
180. Submissive Little Sluts 5 (2000) (V)
181. Cock Smokers 17 (2000) (V)
182. Alice in Fetishland (2000) (V)
183. Dirty Little Sex Brats 15 (2000) (V)
184. Creme de la Face 46: Juice and Goo Bar (2000) (V)
185. Handjobs 3 (2000) (V)
186. Barefoot Confidential 9 (2000) (V)
187. Virgin Stories 7 (1999) (V)
188. Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 18 (1999) (V)
189. Coed Cocksuckers 16 (1999) (V)
190. The 4 Finger Club 7 (1999) (V)
191. Kelly the Coed 7: Sorority Retreat (1999) (V)
192. Cherry Poppers the College Years 12 (1999) (V)
193. Blowjob Fantasies 7 (1999) (V)
194. Papa Load's Blowjob Babes 2 (1999) (V)
195. Shut Up and Blow Me! 19 (1999) (V)
196. Exotic & Erotic (1999) (V)
197. Shut Up and Blow Me! 4 (1998) (V)

Actress - TV:
1. "Totally Busted" .... Series Regular (34 episodes, 2003-2005)
... aka Playboy's Totally Busted (Australia: DVD title)
- The Dungeon (2005) TV episode .... Series Regular
- Indecent Dentist (2005) TV episode .... Series Regular
- The Machine (2005) TV episode .... Series Regular
- Private Dick (2005) TV episode .... Series Regular
- Horn Dogs (2005) TV episode .... Series Regular
(29 more)
2. Talk Dirty (2003) (TV) .... Maria
3. "Hotel Erotica" .... Gwen (1 episode, 2003)
... aka Blue Hotel (UK: DVD box title)
... aka Blue Hotel: Caught in the Act (UK: DVD title)
- The Hookup (2003) TV episode .... Gwen
4. "Night Calls: 411" .... Dancer (1 episode, 2002)
- Fetish Fever (2002) TV episode .... Dancer

* 2000s
* 1990s

1. Choke (2001) .... Changing Room Woman
2. North Pole #11 (1999)
3. No Man's Land 28 (1999)

1. Sexual Suspects (2005) (TV) (special thanks)
... aka Sexy Suspects (USA: new title)

Self - video:
* 2000s
* 1990s

1. Voyeur: Inside Out (2003) (V) .... Herself
2. Adult Video News Awards 2002 (2002) (V) .... Herself
3. Backseat Driver 4: Anal Breakdown (1998) (V) .... Herself

Self - TV:
1. "Totally Busted" .... Herself (1 episode, 2005)
... aka Playboy's Totally Busted (Australia: DVD title)
- Megalor (2005) TV episode .... Herself
2. "Howard Stern" (2 episodes, 2003)
- Episode dated 25 July 2003 (2003) TV episode
- Episode dated 24 July 2003 (2003) TV episode

Archive Footage:
1. Mandingo Madness (2007) (V)
2. Mandingo Madness 2 (2007) (V)
3. Kick Ass Chicks 34: Big White Butts (2006) (V)
4. Award Winning Sex Stars 2 (2006) (V) .... Kaylynn
5. Porns Most Outragous Outtakes (2006) (V)
6. Bring Your A Game (2005) (V)
7. Watch Me Tinkle 5 (2004) (V)

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Kaylynn - Mandingo vs Jack (2008)

• File Type: AVi
• File Size: 117MB
• Video Run time: 0:12:23
• Video resolution: 512x384
Dead Link Removed

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Kaylynn - I Love Black Dick #2 (120mb)

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Kaylynn Calloway - Ass Worship 5 (2003)

[IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199064_kaylynn-calloway-ass-worship-5-2003-002823-07-00-31.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199065_kaylynn-calloway-ass-worship-5-2003-018542-07-00-39.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199066_kaylynn-calloway-ass-worship-5-2003-037372-07-00-43.jpg[/IMG]

• File Type: AVi
• File Size: 153MB
• Video Run time: 0:31:54
• Video resolution: 348x260

Kaylynn Calloway - Big Tit Ass Stretchers 3 (2007)

[IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199071_kaylynn-calloway-big-tit-ass-stretchers-3-2007-000231-07-00-56.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199072_kaylynn-calloway-big-tit-ass-stretchers-3-2007-009440-07-01-03.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199073_kaylynn-calloway-big-tit-ass-stretchers-3-2007-037338-07-01-12.jpg[/IMG]

• File Type: AVi
• File Size: 367MB
• Video Run time: 0:28:02
• Video resolution: 512x384


Kaylynn Calloway - Gate (2001)

[IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199075_kaylynn-calloway-gate-2001-000640-07-01-18.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199076_kaylynn-calloway-gate-2001-006601-07-01-25.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://t2.**************/thumbs/1705/7199077_kaylynn-calloway-gate-2001-015601-07-01-30.jpg[/IMG]

• File Type: AVi
• File Size: 82MB
• Video Run time: 0:10:51
• Video resolution: 448x336

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Kaylynn – Fusxion Fetish


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Default H0vs3w!f3 1 on 1

H0vs3w!f3 1 on 1
Released: July 07, 2010

[img]http://t1.**************/thumbs/478/923770_kaylynnchrishor_big_img1.jpg[/img] [img]http://t1.**************/thumbs/478/923771_kaylynnchrishor_big_img2.jpg[/img]
[img]http://t1.**************/thumbs/478/923772_kaylynnchrishor_big_img3.jpg[/img] [img]http://t1.**************/thumbs/478/923773_kaylynnchrishor_big_img4.jpg[/img]

Kaylynn can't wait to finally get to the beach but her husband isn't even in a bathing suit yet. She can't believe he's being so selfish because she never asks him to do anything. When cooler heads prevail Kaylynn is all about giving her hubby some make-up head...

MP4 | 323Mb | 00:33:34 | 768x432 | 1346kbps


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